Holiday Cheer 2019

This week, the New River OSC President Amanda Scarcella and Vice President Sarah Colton presented Chaplain Smith and his team at the New River Memorial Chapel with a $2,500 donation towards Holiday Cheer.

The Holiday Cheer program purchases commissary gift cards to be distributed to service members and families, aboard New River, in need of holiday meal assistance. Each year, this program graciously assists over 100 families.

The OSC has proudly been involved with Holiday Cheer for many years and humbly continues to serve the Marines, Sailors, and families of New River.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the 2019-2020 New River Officers’ Spouses’ Club Board Members!

Elected Board
President: Amanda Scarcella
Vice Presidet: Sarah Colton
Treasurer: Becca Covey
Secretary: Amanda Henexson
Parliamentarian: Jessica Webb
Advisor: Susan Finneran

Appointed Board
Scholarship: Julie Shirley
Charitable Distributions: Andrea Quirk
Advertising: Perry Laurence
Publicity: Manda Koolis
WebMaster: Angela Fenelon
Historian: Teresa Holliday
Membership: Emily Kahak

Open Appointed Board Positions
Family Resources

If you are interested in serving on our 2019-2020 Board, please contact us at