Available Positions

The following board positions are available by appointment:

  • Family Resources: this person would be working as a direct link between MCCS and the NROSC to keep the Board and its members informed of community events as well as resources and information. Also, would perform Publicity duties if position becomes vacant.
  •  Historian: this person would act as a photographer for the NROSC – at monthly gatherings, fundraisers, receptions, etc., and would need to be available to assist in making photos available on the webpage, Facebook, newsletter, etc. This position is absorbed by Membership if it becomes vacant.
  • Publicity: this person is responsible for creating flyers for all OSC events as well as arranging publicity of the OSC meetings and functions via the OSC newsletter, and the station newsletter. This person will also be responsible for creating the OSC newsletter, which will be distributed electronically unless a hard copy is specifically requested by a member.
  • Charitable Distributions: this person is to assist the Treasurer with any necessary duties and assume the responsibilities of Treasurer if the position becomes vacant. He/she must also coordinate and chair the Charitable Distributions Committee and make sure that the nominations are posted on the webpage as well as providing nominations where necessary.
  • Donations: this person must coordinate all efforts by the OSC to contact merchants/organizations interested in advertising in the newsletter, and provide advertising contracts to the Elected Board. He/she must also assist in acquisition of door prizes and event support. This position will be absorbed by the Vice-President if it becomes vacant.