Froyo Friday Membership Drive

Join us for frozen yogurt and join us for a year of fun! Membership applications will be available or fill yours out ahead of time to have a free hand to enjoy your froyo with!

Fuzzy Peach is providing the New River OSC with a BOGO deal! Come meet new faces or bring an old friend!
Kids welcome and encouraged.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the 2019-2020 New River Officers’ Spouses’ Club Board Members!

Elected Board
President: Amanda Scarcella
Vice Presidet: Sarah Colton
Treasurer: Becca Covey
Secretary: Amanda Henexson
Parliamentarian: Jessica Webb
Advisor: Susan Finneran

Appointed Board
Scholarship: Julie Shirley
Charitable Distributions: Andrea Quirk
Advertising: Perry Laurence
Publicity: Manda Koolis
WebMaster: Angela Fenelon
Historian: Teresa Holliday

Open Appointed Board Positions
Family Resources
If you are interested in serving on our 2019-2020 Board, please contact us at